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6,098% Increase in Organic Traffic for Global Employee Relocation Service.

For more than two years and ongoing, we have partnered with ARC Relocation, a top-tier corporate relocation service. During this period, the organic traffic on their website has transformed from mediocre to an unparalleled success within their industry.

After experiencing a remarkable surge of over 6,000% in organic traffic, the website now dominates as a success story. It has achieved high rankings for some of the most competitive and costly keywords in the industry. We take great satisfaction in being an integral part of this remarkable journey.

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The strategy employed for ARC Relocation was remarkably straightforward yet highly effective:

  1. Enhancing the optimization of content by creating more impactful and targeted materials, coupled with the elimination of pages yielding zero clicks.
  2. Establishing links from sites within the industry, particularly those focusing on careers, jobs, HR, business professionals, and relocation.
  3. Emphasizing the importance of securing links exclusively from sites boasting robust organic traffic metrics, thereby safeguarding against potential impacts from future Google updates.


This project indeed required a considerable amount of time to truly gain momentum, and the initial 7-8 months were challenging as we witnessed only modest progress.

Having overseen numerous successful campaigns, we recognize that this time lag is entirely typical. If Google were to swiftly reward every website that actively engages in link-building, it would present a significant issue.

It’s all about regularly making content and getting links over many years.

Luckily, by the end of the first year, we began to notice significant increases. Since then, the number of people visiting our site through search engines has grown every month, adding up over time.

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 6,098%
  •  2,842% Traffic Value Increase

The boost in traffic value is a big deal, reaching more than $45,000 per month.

In simple words, this means that ARC now attracts a lot of enthusiastic and interested customers to their website. It’s because they show up for many of the most important ready-to-buy keywords in their industry.

ARC Relocation


We got the top 3 rankings for important and related keywords.

  • #1 Relocation Specialist
  • #1 Global Relocation Services
  • #3 DITY Move Calculator
  • #4 Relocation Package
  • #4 Relocation Services

ARC Relocation

This project has been super satisfying because it took a while to see good results.

ARC Relocation

But once we saw more people coming to the site through search engines, things really took off. Now, the website is like a super-strong player, showing up high for lots of different words.

The main idea here is that building links and doing SEO takes time to make a real difference. It’s a long-term commitment that pays off in the end.

Final Word

Working on this project has been really satisfying, especially because it took a while to start doing well.

But once we saw more people coming to the website from search engines, things got better and better. Now, the site is like a powerhouse, showing up high for lots of different words.

The important thing here is that building links and doing SEO takes time to show good results. It’s something you need to stick with for the long haul.

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